Utilities State Government Organization

2011 Annual Meeting

The 2011 Annual Meeting took place July 10-13 at the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort and Spa at Grande Dunes in the Grand Strand of South Carolina

Special thanks to our 2011 Annual conference sponsors who are listed below.

  • Northeast Utilities
  • United Illuminating
  • Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Exelon
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • Progress Energy
  • OGE Energy Corp.
  • Duke Energy
  • Constellation Energy
  • ACCE
  • Electric Cooperatives

USGO 34th Annual Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2011

The Annual Board of Directors’ Meeting was convened at 4:30 p.m. in the Atlantic 6 Ballroom. Chuck Claunch, the President in the chair.

Chuck recognized Jeanelle McCain for the wonderful goody bags that all guests have received and the great dinner the previous evening at Thoroughbred’s. All who were in attendance agreed that it was a wonderful board dinner.

Chuck also introduced the current Board Officers:
Chuck Claunch, President
Bob Smith, Vice President and Treasurer
Dan Moore, Secretary

These officers will serve in this capacity until January 1, 2012.

Chuck then went on to mention that he would like to create a New Member Recruitment Committee, and, as outgoing President, agreed to serve as Chair. He recognized Alex Nunez for his recruitment activities regarding this conference. There was some discussion of setting a goal of 10-20 new members. Terry Harrmann suggested sending a USGO recruitment letter to lobbyists associated with EEI. Tom Armstrong suggested that we add a recruitment letter to members of the AGA.

Chuck Claunch announced that this year’s conference attendees included some 46 government affairs professionals and totaled more than 100 when their guests were included.

Joe Farley mentioned that it was good attendance given many factors and it was a testament that maybe we’re turning the corner on the bad economy and suggested that it may be a good time to support Chuck in the recruitment movement and support Chuck in the membership drive for USGO.

Joe suggested perhaps using incentives to get new members might be useful and Chuck followed up by saying that he has done that successfully with a couple new members for this conference and that therefor the board should use that as a recruiting tool to encourage new membership.

Chuck mentioned that JD Davis, last year’s President, would not be able to attend this year’s conference, and the Board requested that a letter be sent to JD to recognize his conference in Chicago last year and thanking him for his financial support for this year’s conference.

Terry Harrmann also informed the Board of the particularly difficult session he participated in this year made it difficult to him to get here this year but wanted to recognize his efforts in making USGO successful.

Chuck also opened discussion for nominations for new officers and directors for next year.

The proposed officers for next year are:
Bob Smith, President
Stephen Stiglets, Vice President
Daniel Moore, Treasurer
David Freibert, Secretary

Discussions then turned to the Board of Directors. In the Northeast Region, directors would be Christine Martin and Susan Coan. Midwest Directors would be Terry Harrmann and Mark Schreiber. South directors would be Jody Montelaro and Gifford Ormes.

General Discussion:

Joe Farley suggested that perhaps Presidents should consider a two-year term commitment. But Chuck and Jeanelle informed the Board of Directors that Presidents need to raise $10,000 beyond dues and registration fees, and that it might be too much to ask someone to do two years in a row.

It was also noted that membership dues went up from $350 – $500 this year.

Treasurer’s Report
Bob Smith

Amount ($)
Reason Spent/Received
January 1, 2011
Initial Balance
April 20, 2011
Webmaster Services (Spent)
June 07, 2011
Deposit to Marriott (Spent)
July 1, 2011
Total Deposits for Conference Through 7/1/11
July 1, 2011
Current Balance

Previous USGO Annual Meetings

2010     Chicago, Illinois
2009     Newport, RI
2008     Atlantic City, NJ
2007     Oklahoma City, OK

The USGO Mission Statement

“The USGO shall provide a forum for presentation, exchange, and dissemination of information of specific interest to utility employees involved in public affairs at the state level.”